Words to Lather By

Here are our Words to Lather By – we’d love to hear yours! What did we leave out?

  • We believe we learned the truth at 17
  • We believe Monday morning meetings should go away
  • We believe that good juju is the secret ingredient
  • We believe we can make people happier by using our products
  • We believe in dogs in the workplace
  • We believe that Zum Bum should be in every bathroom
  • We believe in extendable forks
  • We believe measuring is overrated
  • We believe that having to shout “we’re green” means you’re not really green
  • We believe artichokes may be nature’s perfect food…actually we believe cheese dip may be the perfect food
  • We believe plants make the best perfumes
  • We believe in traveling in packs
  • We believe in McDonald’s ice cream cones in the afternoon
  • We believe in vegetarians and carnivores
  • We believe the louder the music the better the soap
  • We believe in afternoon delight, shahi paneer korma and full body massages
  • We believe trial sizes are cool
  • We believe that real and saggy are sexy
  • We believe humans could live on bread, cheese, wine, chocolate and avocados
  • We believe in warm wet places
  • We believe Zum Bars are best when used with a friend
  • We believe pumpkin is not an essential oil
  • We believe in not wasting a single ounce of soap
  • We believe melt and pour is for amateurs
  • We believe in wearing flip flops to work
  • We believe in your mom
  • We believe in the kiss & make-up club, not the fight club
  • We believe camo shorts are the new black
  • We believe in 3:00 snacks
  • We believe plants heal
  • We believe in bringing your i-pod to work
  • We believe that vampires really like Zum Bars
  • We believe in talking about our “shows” on Monday
  • We believe in long, hot baths
  • We believe in wearing black turtlenecks in the winter every day
  • We believe the best ideas come from meetings in the masturbatorium
  • We believe in Christopher Guest movies
  • We believe in pure bred dogs, pound puppies and rescue pooches
  • We believe cowboy boots can be worn with any outfit
  • We believe in good, good, good vibrations

One thought on “Words to Lather By

  1. I really loved your soap, in fact your company inspired me to start soap making. I love the essence and feel of your wonderful soap – nothing in this world compared to how I felt after a hard day, knowing I could wash my worries and troubles down the drain and be so refreshed that I could smile again, and soak up the good vibes. I saw this post – M&P is for amateurs and I am truly disappointed in that statement. You say that you believe in good, good, good vibrations. That statement is not about good vibrations, its insulting and very negative. Maybe your company forgets that everyone starts out somewhere and its all the start of a beautiful journey. Maybe since you’ve gotten so big you forget that its the small things the simple things that inspire one to do more – to reach and dream for bigger and better things. I am insulted for everyone who starts dabbling into soaping with M&P, who has become some of the top soapers – the ones who strive to create better recipes for CP Soap, who are always trying different techniques and designs. I will no longer be buying your products- maybe you need to remember where people come from and who actually supports your business. Those people who start out as amateurs.

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