Pumpkin schlumpkin.

TeddyWho doesn’t love pumpkins? Great in a pie or for scaring kids off of your front porch, but not so great in body care products. The trick here is – there’s no such thing as Pumpkin essential oil. So to all who encounter pumpkin-flavored soaps, candles, bubble bath and more . . . . BEWARE!!!

MollyYeah, there’s pumpkin fragrance oil, but not a pumpkin pure essential oil. There might be some essential oil in its fragrances, but they’re tricked out with synthetic fragrance oils.

Here’s the really scary part: lots of fragrance oils and perfumes contain more than 100 components, including skin irritants, and they’re trying to dress up as 100% pure essential oils, when they’re actually partially synthetic and could possibly contain phthalates – Booooo!

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