Dear Indigo, Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

Well, Friends, this is a perfectly normal thing to be curious about. And there are a lot of misconceptions out there…we’re glad you feel comfortable enough to ask us.

Zumknowledge to the rescue! Here is the low down on essential oils.

Sad, but true.
Every plant does not contain essential oils. For instance, lilac is not part of the essential oil team. There is just no such thing as lilac essential oil. Lilac is a fragrance oil, which is artificial, man-made, synthetic, manufactured and not all-natural. The same can be said for pumpkin, coconut and other poseurs.

Like mama says, don’t believe everything you are told.

Another misconception that’s flying around is that fragrance oils have aromatherapeutic properties. Notta. Products that contain essential oils are the only ones that have aromatherapeutic properties. Our Zum, Zip’s and ZAR products are loaded with pure essential oils, plenty enough to satisfy your nose yearnings.

Pure essential oils are the real deal.
They are perfectly natural since they are the essence of the plants from which they’re derived.

Think of the possibilities.

There are over 3000 essential oils out there in the world- but only 300 are commonly used in products.

All in.
It takes at least one pound of the plant of choice to make just one single drop of an essential oils.

Got concentrate?
Essential oils are the most concentrated form of any botanical.

Feel better now? Go forth and spread the word on essential oils. In the meantime, we’re curious – what is your favorite essential oil?

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