Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: New Year’s Resolutions the Indigo Wild Way.


We like the idea of spreading good juju throughout the year, here’s a list of how some of our Indigo Wild peeps plan on doing that in the New Year. Take a look and maybe get inspired yourself. But luckily for you, our good vibes are available all year round.


Annie: “It’s hard… But try to be nicer, I guess.”

Emily:  “I’m just excited to forage for fresh mushrooms in 2016. And truffle butter, too.”

Chris: “Eat more donuts.”

Keith: “Me too.”

Tara: “Make sure you can laugh at everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most the ugly.”

Keelia: “Live life like I’m young. Which I am!”

Caroline: “Read more books and drink more wine.”

Schuyler: “Quit smoking.”

Jason: “Listen to more Red Hot Chili Peppers. And TLC.”

Tucker: “Get a hair straightener.”

Daisy the Pug: “Meet R. Kelly.”
While not everyone had a vision for 2016, the Indigo crew agreed on one thing: 2015? So last year. It’s on to bigger and better things for our peeps, and here’s hoping that everyone’s New Year will be merry, bright, and out of this world.

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