Just Call Us the Groupies

Soap’s not the only thing you’ll catch us talking about here at Indigo Wild. We value our tunes almost as much as our goat’s milk; family feuds and straight-up brawls have been known to erupt over the changing of a song or a comment made in passing by an aspiring Pitchfork reviewer. Walk through every area of the factory, from the label table to the compound to the offices, and you’ll hear something different on the speakers. And while not every Zumster has the same taste in music, almost everyone we talked to was busy with some kind of band or solo project– we guess you could call Indigo Wild the next Chelsea Hotel. Below, check the illest tracks that the Indigo fam are listening to, as well as some homegrown musicians absolutely killing at at the local circuit and beyond. You’ll also be able to get a feel for the different kinds of music that are being played at a given day in the factory, which is to say, a lot. So do yourself a favor– grab some quality headphones and press play.

Downstairs: Production

Joy, Labeler

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): Miles Davis, D’Angelo, Curtis Mayfield, Herbie Hancock
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Springsville” by Miles Davis from Miles Ahead as well as the entire album, Voodoo by D’Angelo, Superfly by Curtis Mayfield.

Joy’s known at the label table and beyond for her impeccable taste in music, especially old funk, soul, and jazz. She says that Herbie Hancock was a “game changer” for her and doesn’t hesitate to profess her love for D’Angelo, whose album Voodoo changed the course of her young life. For some local flavor, Joy recommends The Foundation 627 Big Band who play excellent covers of Kansas City jazz at the nearby Green Lady lounge. And when asked to describe the musical tendencies of her downstairs homies, Joy says that it’s not really her taste– maybe you could say she’s miles ahead of everyone else.


Joe, Packer

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): Tame Impala/Kevin Parker (the “psychedelic pop god”, according to Joe)
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Eventually”, “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control”, “Mind Mischief” by Tame Impala, “Moth Wings” by Pond

An ardent fan of Kevin Parker and his band Tame Impala, Joe’s eager to discuss the unique, lo-fi tendences of Parker’s music, as well as his status as “pop god”. But Joe’s well on his way to giving Kevin Parker a run for his money– he’s busy writing music, both for his solo project and a yet-to-be-named band. Peep his Soundcloud below for some psychedelic tunes that would make the psych-rock frontman proud. In the meantime, Joe says that the music downstairs is varied, subject to the whims of the people… so if you hear a Tame Impala song, it was probably Joe’s idea.

Explanations by Joe Torres

Keith, Packing King

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): Radiohead, Burial
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Talk Show Host” by Radiohead

Keith is your typical renaissance man– in between managing the packing boys and appreciating Radiohead, he’s also involved in a few musical projects. His band, Druids, formed in Iowa in 2008– check their Bandcamp for your metal fix, and, if you’re in KC, be sure to catch them at one of their shows. Aside from Druids, Keith also makes sick beats through his solo project, Mem Cave. If you’re a fan of ambient music or electronica, Mem Cave’s song “Hush Hush” (as well as his other stuff) will blow your mind.

Hush Hush

Tucker, Soap Maker; Morgan (“Punch”), Compound Homie; Collin, Zum Scenester

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): the Beach Boys (Tucker); Coalesce, Botch (Punch); the Locust (Collin)
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Out of Touch” by Hall & Oates, “The Neutron Dance” by the Pointer Sisters (Tucker); Oblation by Floor (Collin); “Tell Me Where to Go” by E-40, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” by Barry White (Punch)

When he’s not busy whipping up batches of Zum Bars, Tucker splits his time between three bands, two of which he plays in with Punch (the punk Canyons and self-described “emotional hardcore” American Thunder Band). He and Collin also play in the infamous Roach Blunt together. In terms of the music scene at Indigo, both Punch and Tucker say that it’s a give and take– each person gets their turn to play their jams of choice. Collin agrees– when he’s in the soap production area, he says that most types of music are acceptable, with the exception of grindcore, powerviolence, some electronica, Prince (whom soapmaker Charlie hates) and Collin’s least favorite, Tech N9ne.  After working in nearly every part of the factory, Collin says that the music tastes are definitely varied, with the upstairs offices as fans of folk music like Neil Young and Rodriguez. (both of whom, he says, he will never think of in the same way again.) 

So Like, You Don’t Like Led Zeppelin?

Upstairs Offices

Annie, resident Zumspert and Emily (Mama), Queen of Zum

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison, Neil Young (Annie); Belle & Sebastian, Blitzen Trapper, Iron & Wine (Emily); Rodriguez
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band; “I Wonder” by Rodriguez; “Furr” by Blitzen Trapper (Emily); “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” by the Rolling Stones (Annie)

Even though both of these members of Indigo royalty are talented musicians in their own right (piano lessons count… right?), they still make time for all things Zum as well. Emily loves “Furr”, a song about a guy transformed into a dog (maybe he should get himself some Y.U.M. products…?) , as well as “I Wonder”, a favorite of the upstairs crowd. Most played, though, is probably “Afternoon Delight”, a song guaranteed to change the way you utilize the hours between noon and four…

Afternoon Delight

Leslie, Marketing Princess

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): the ACB’s
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Attic Fan” by the ACB’s

Not only is Leslie the mother of the infamous pug Daisy and a bodacious marketing babe in her own right, she’s also married to the bassist of the ultra-cool ACB’s, a Kansas City band that has a greater scope than just the Midwest. Since they’re understandably her favorite thing to listen to, she loves the song “Attic Fan”, a sweet and catchy two minutes and forty-three seconds that reminds you of a more badass Beach Boys. “Attic Fan” and the rest of Little Leaves are perfect for summer. And in describing the musical climate upstairs, Leslie says that of all the places in the factory, here is where you’d be most likely to hear show tunes. So, it’s okay to belt out “Defying Gravity” here.

Attic Fan

Daisy, Supervising Pug

  • Favorite Musician(s)/Band(s): R. Kelly
  • Favorite Song(s)/Album(s): “Get Low” by Lil Jon, “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris

Daisy the pug leads a busy life– in between eating midmorning snacks fresh from the dog run and defending the retail area from hoodlums, she also enjoys the finer things in life, like crunk and gangster rap. Even though Daisy’s dad is in the band the ACB’s, she prefers hip-hop and rap to her dad’s infectious pop music. Daisy also recommends Lil Jon’s entire album Kings of Crunk, a game changer in hip-hop that officially placed crunk in the mainstream.

Get Low

Like we said, we’re serious about our tunes. From old-school funk to crunk to everything in between, you’ll rarely hear anything that could be described as “boring” here. And be sure to give our local bands some love, too; when they get big, just remember where you heard them first.

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