Retail Catalog Peeps Show

Here at Indigo Wild, we pride ourselves on handcrafted, all-natural products to make you feel, well, clean. But once a year we get to be a little selfish, a little vain (and a little sauced), and treat ourselves to some glamour shots of our own. It’s our way to let you know that us Zum folks know how to look as good as our sexy soaps.

Thanks to Ron Berg Photography, a veritable buffet of chips and dip, a smorgasbord of costumes and wigs, a few kegs of Boulevard Beer and Jill’s secret champagne stash, the photoshoot managed to turn into our version of an office Christmas party. Except it wasn’t Christmas, just Fritz flashing everyone in his neon leotard. And it has been completely documented so there’s no way for us to conveniently “forget” (not that we’d want to anyway).

What you see in this special web preview is our effort of bringing you a catalog that stays in the bathroom, instead of getting tossed into the recycle bin. Because we feel that by pizzazzing it up, getting down and dirty, and letting you, our Zum Lovey, peek into our fun (and slightly warped) world gives us a chance to stand out and show you what REALLY goes down inside the Zum factory.  Here’s a little peek into the Indigo Wild side…ImageIMG_8164IMG_8238 IMG_8137ImageImage2013_06_20_BERG_06070 2013_06_20_BERG_06087     2013_06_20_BERG_067432013_06_20_BERG_062752013_06_20_BERG_06183 IMG_81312013_06_20_BERG_07243 IMG_8149 IMG_8167

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