Why do we love Zumba so much? Is it because the name goes so well with our product lines? Nah, it’s because it keeps our employees like Chris and Megan fabulously fit and fun! …OOH alliteration

In a world full of high fructose corn syrup, MSG and other processed un-healthy-ness-ess (is that a word?) it’s nice to know that there are pleanty of ways to stay fit and healthy.

Maybe once Chris and Megan become Zumba pros they can start a company wide Zumba dance…kinda like Prom only without the premarital sex and booze…oh wait, no it will be exactly like a prom. Anyway, stop dilly-dallying and start moving…what does dilly-dally mean? How do you dilly and how do you dally? Maybe we can create a new Zumba dance move called the Dilly-Dally Danger Drop…HA alliteration!

Check out Chris and Megan doing the Jai Ho Zumba dance.

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