Foster Dog Happy Endings – Alabama

If you know Indigo Wild, you know we love us some dogs around here! Thanks to Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, we’ve had the opportunity to temporarily house some amazing foster pups. As much as we loved having them with us, we’re always delighted when they find happy, loving forever homes. We checked in on some of our foster alums and will post their stories here to keep everyone up to date on where our little foster friends are wagging now.


Sweet little ‘Bama came to Indigo Wild after some time roaming the streets. We were instantly in love with this spunky, gorgeous little guy. He spent hours chasing his friend Bishop around the soap factory. Like all of our rescue pups, he had tons of love to give.

His adoptive family came all the way from Wichita, KS to pick him up, and he immediately bonded with them. The first thing he did was walk up to their 3 month old baby to give him gentle kisses. Yeah – we pretty much melted and knew it was meant to be.

Here’s what his family has to say about ‘Bama:

From Alabama’s mama: Bama has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is full of energy and loves to play. He has made great strides with his behavior and listens well most of the time. He always wants to be the center of attention and involved with us. The best part about Bama is how much Cody, our son, loves him. Cody will laugh hysterically at Bama, well we all do, when Bama chases his tail. Once he catches it he holds it in his mouth for a few seconds then lets go and chases it again. Bama tolerates all of Cody’s love and affection without any repercussions. I have seen Cody grab hand fulls of Bama’s hair and use it to pull up on to stand. Bama does nothing. It is awesome. We couldn’t ask for a better pet for Cody and our family. I think Bama is very fond of Cody too. Especially since Cody “shares” so much of his food with him. Bama happily waits under the highchair. It is so fun to watch them play together. It won’t be long before Cody is chasing Bama around the house. I am sure it will be a blast to watch.

From Alabama’s papa: Me and Bama went through basic and intermediate obedience training and he did very well. He’s learned a bunch of commands and is quick to respond to them. He loves to play fetch and tug. He can also entertain himself pretty well by chasing his tail. He also goes through periods where he chases shadows. He likes to go for walks and rides with us in the car. We never have done anything with Flyball, as we’ve just been too busy, but I think he would be great at it and maybe some day in the near future we can check into it if there is anybody still doing it around us. In the mean time, he loves chasing the tennis ball. Every couple of weeks I trim his nails and feet and brush him real good. He usually gets a bath once or twice a month. I try to brush his teeth at least once a week and he does really good with that. He has such nice teeth we want to try to keep it that way. He loves to run in the back yard and he is VERY fast and agile! He has also become more protective of the family by letting us know when someone is around the house. He is friendly to other people and dogs. He loves treats and really enjoys rawhide chews.

We’re sure Alabama’s baby, Cody, will have lots to say about him soon, too! In the meantime, how cute are they in that picture?! What a lucky dog and a lucky family. We love happy endings!

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