Save the Boobies!

Don’t mess with the breasts! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we’re very aware around here. We’ve accompanied our pal Betsy through her journey with breast cancer, and we’re so proud of her warrior spirit. Check out her babeablicious bald phase and what she thought of it:

Betsy Banter:

Betsy_baldI mean really, what’s all the hoop-la?  Hair is just that – hair, it grows back and besides in my opinion is way over-rated, well except in the winter, hats are a must!

Seriously, my personal experience was that I found that being bald was very liberating.  My mom bought me a very expensive, made to order, same color, cut, real hair, could be parted and styled, great wig but I had no desire to wear it, I was just fine in a ball cap or any hat that fit my fancy.  I’m talking no fuss, no muss, actually no anything, I could wake up and be ready for anything in 10 minutes tops!

If you think about it, if losing your hair is the worst thing that ever happens to you in your life, then are you really living?  B

What a woman! We want to honor badass Betsy and all of the breast cancer fighters out there, so we’re creating a “Save the Ta-tas” page on our website. Just send us a photo and a one-liner about your favorite breast cancer fighter and we’ll post them on our site, starting Friday, Oct. 16. Let’s shout out to all of these amazing ladies and their friends and families. Together we can save the ta-tas!

Send photos and info to Annie at .

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