Dear old dads

Your dear old dad might not have endured the pain of childbirth, but that does not mean he has completely avoided pain thanks to little ole you. How about the pain he endured when his man cave was transformed into your palace? Or what about the incident with the whiffle ball bat? Even better, what about the time you backed his prized Chevy into a parked car? You may want to thank your dad this Father’s Day for not putting you up for adoption.

If the big day snuck up on you this year, we’re here to help.  Here are some guy-specific gifts that will wrap dad in a bear hug of all-natural goodness.

We have pics floating around of Skinny Gates sporting a fabulous bowl cut while gardening with her dad, and Emily posing with her dad in front of wallpaper so psychedelic that it actually clashes with the pattern in her dress. Yeah! What are your favorite father’s day memories?

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